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PassionFlix has just released it’s first original film “Hollywood Dirt” based off it’s namesake book written by Alessandra Torre.


I, one hundred percent feel like the trailer truly doesn’t do the movie justice.


Leading Lady: Emma Rigby as Summer Jenkins

I adore Emma, and I am really amazed at how well she pulled off the accent. I originally saw her in the TV Movie, “A Cinderella Christmas”, last year. I only recently learned that she was the red queen in the ABC spin-off “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland”. So while she may not be easily recognized she certainly has made an impression on me.

Lead Male: Johann Urb as Cole Masten

Johann Urb isn’t a name I have heard of before, and I certainly didn’t recognize him from anything specific. Checking him out on IMDB it seems he’s done some roles on TV and minor appearances in some movies. Which really is a shame because he has a commanding presence on screen.

Movie Overall

I loved this movie! I had plans to eat lunch with my in-laws today, who I adore, and my husband had to practically drag me out of the house. In my defense I was half-way through the movie and didn’t want to stop.

SEX! Yes, there is sex in these movies. No it is not explicit like porn, although my husband didn’t believe me when I told him PassionFlix wasn’t a porn website at first. The sex is steamy and hot. In this movie at least the most nudity you get is a little boob action, nothing crazy. If you enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Gray movies this is tame in comparison, but still has that titillating edge to it. The first time they have sex I was sitting there fanning myself, and of course that was when my husband decided to walk into the room. He made a comment about it being intense to the point that it felt more explicit than it was.

There were a few changes from the book to the movie, as you would expect. Like they changed Coca-Cola to Crown Cola, for legal reasons I would assume. Overall I feel the movie kept true to the story and invoked the same feelings I get when I read the book itself. It didn’t stifle my imagination, but helped it to flourish further.

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By Mellissa

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