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By Mellissa
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  • Robin Thompson:

    Great podcast! Thanks for spotlighting one of my favorite authors!

  • Anna Hackett is an amazing author and i loved the podcast. At the end you asked for sci-fi recommendations look for Women Of Earth by Jacqueline Rhodes it’s a sci-fi romance and so far there are 2 books in the series Roark and Tor

  • Awesome interview! It was wonderful hearing behind the scene details about Anna and Hell Squad!

  • I love Anna Hackett’s books, so I was really excited to see this podcast! So I hit up my goodreads for recommendations to give you and realized that over half of my sci fi romance reads are from Anna, lol. But I found some other ones in there:

    – Jess Anastasi’s Valiant Knox series (which just finished) and her Atrophy series (so good!)
    – Power of Two by Patti O’Shea (a personal favorite)
    – Antidote by RA Steffan (lot’s of action and adventure)
    – Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher (really unique)
    – Unforgettable series by CJ Barry (old school sci-fi romance)
    – Driven by Eve Silver

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