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winning hard by lisa b kamps

Wow, what can I say about this book except that Lisa has done it again. We get to meet some of our old favorites from the Banners series, and if Sonny hadn’t alr eady he has now earned a forever place in my heart.

This book follows the story of Taylor LeBlanc and Charles Dawson AKA “Chuckie the Fart”. For those who’ve read the Banners series we met Chuckie as a boy who obviously was mean to Taylor because he had a crush on her, but no worries Taylor gave as good as she got. Always the tough girl, things are no different in this new series. Taylor truly is the embodiment of the phrase #fightlikeagirl.

Chuckie isn’t your typical Alpha male. Yes, he is protective and at times can be dominant. However, Chuckie understands that Taylor is a force to be reckoned with, and you can’t control her wild spirit. He wants to encourage her strength since that’s part of who she is, even if she can be intimidating at times.

Taylor doesn’t always realize just how strong she comes across. Sometimes that strength can be interpreted as coldness or indifference, but Taylor cares more than some can see. It’s a trait her family and loves ones see, and that hard exterior might as well be glass because Chuckie sees right through it. Joining the Blades is more than just women’s hockey, more than following a dream, it becomes a journey for Taylor to discover herself.

Outside of amazing characters, an awesome women’s hockey team, Lisa has also includes some really hard moments. Classic Lisa, because her books are not a fantasy but an imitation of life. It’s not always sunshine and roses, and a women’s hockey team is not excluded. From hard hitting topics like drug abuse to sexism in professional sports Lisa will not just bring love and sexy times, she will bring a healthy dose of reality.

For any one who follows Women’s Professional Hockey you know how real this story is to truth. Yes the characters are fiction, but the trials the women who play professionally face are real. The fight to be taken seriously in this game still has a long road ahead, but maybe with writers like Lisa spreading the word we might be one small step closer.



Book Synopsis


Taylor LeBlanc has hockey in her blood and the trophies and medals to prove it. Her dreams of playing pro come to an end when the only place for her to go is the newly-formed not-really-pro women’s team, the Chesapeake Blades. It’s not quite what she had in mind, but it’s a start—except half the team is convinced she’s receiving special treatment because her step-dad used to be the head coach for the Baltimore Banners and the team’s PR Director wants to use her in his marketing campaign. To make matters worse, the PR Director is none other than her childhood nemesis, Chuckie-the-fart–who happens to be all grown-up and too gorgeous for his own good.

Charles Dawson never had the drive or the heart to follow hockey out of childhood. What he does have is ambition and passion—two things he needs in abundance to successfully market the brand-new women’s hockey team to a less-than-enthusiastic demographic. He also needs patience—something that’s in short supply when he’s forced to deal with the one woman who has the uncanny ability to make him feel like the bumbling, uncoordinated, and socially awkward thirteen-year-old boy he used to be. Taylor isn’t the mouthy little tomboy he remembers and sparks fly between the two, igniting an attraction that makes both of their lives unbearable when it becomes harder to ignore.

Taylor and Charles both want to win, but at what cost? Are they willing to trample every obstacle in their way–especially when the biggest obstacle could be the one thing they both need more than any trophy or medal?


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